I have friends who “save” names for future children and refuse to divulge them for fear of getting them stolen!  I was tempted to do that, but I love so so many names that I could not possibly have enough children to use them all up.  So I’m sharing my secrets here in this post.  My favorite names list has been compiling in my head for a long time, but a few websites really streamlined it recently.  One of those sites is called Nymbler “Your personal baby name assistant”.  I love entering names and seeing what other names it comes up with.  Also the definition feature is very handy, simply click the name and it opens a small pop-up with origin and popularity information.

The Parents Connect baby name tool was actually really helpful too, even though it seems to lean toward popular rather than obscure names.

I could spend hours with the NameVoyager, ohhhh so many fun tools and statistics, and on top of it the founder has a great blog.  Anyone interested in origins of names, trends etc.  just has to check out her knowledge and friendly writing style.

So after all that….here is my current list of naming love:

Boys:  Nolan, Lachlan, Asher, Keane, Grady, Grant, Graeme (Graham), Reid, Kellan, Killian, Soren, Lorne, Cale, Galen….

Girls:  Samantha, Cassia, Noelle, Annalise, Calla, Linnea, Celene, Hannah, Kate, Dahlia, Lilah, Emmeline, Selina, Esme, Lucia..

What do you think of my names?  Have any of your own to add?  (I can keep a secret)