Soundtrack to my life

March 15, 2009

I love how music can change the way you feel, and set the mood for various activities in the day.  I want to share a few of my favorite online sources for music.  Some of them are about finding new music, some are just about hearing what I want to hear, and others are kind of “radio replacements”.  All are free!   Here’s my list of top destinations when I want some music!

SomaFM is full of radio stations that I’d love to see on the terrestrial air, but alas, they are way too cool!  I get my fix with

Groove Salad

A nicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves.      and


Sensuous and mellow vocals, mostly female, with an electronic influence.

Accuradio calls itself The Next Generation of Radio….I just love the clear stations that only play what’s in their descriptions, as well as the many choices!  Accuradio also has an outstanding holiday radio!! (I love Christmas music)  Aside from Accu-holidays, my favorite stations are Modern Rock Classics, Classic Rocktopia, and Future Perfect (Indie Rock).

I love Last.FM because as I listen it builds a database of all my songs and artists.  It really shows me what I listen to over and over.  It also has some nifty music discovery features.  I can look at other people that listen to my favorite artists and see what else they listen to.  I can also check out Last.FM’s recommendations that are based on my listening habits!  I have discovered countless new artists that I adore here on Last.FM.  To name a few, Damien Rice, Andrew Bird, Inara George and Regina Spektor.

Pandora Radio is just that, a Pandora’s box of musical goodness.  They have a scientific way of building an entire radio station from your song/artist input.  What results is totally unscientific heaven!  I’ve also discovered lots of artists here.  The first step is inputting an artist you love, and from there you’ll be entranced.

Lastly is  I enjoy this site because I can build my own wacky playlists of songs according to a theme like 80’s, or old school or anything!  They’ve got tons of songs available, and usually I’m only out of luck if a song is very new or very obscure.   I have a ton of different playlists going right now.


5 Responses to “Soundtrack to my life”

  1. Rache Says:

    Cool…I want to find a good way to listen to African or Indian music without having to know the artists first…what would you recommend most for that?


  2. deeplygreen Says:

    Hi Rache. I really like when I want to find something I don’t know too much about. The users “tag” songs with descriptive words, so you can basically do a search on “African” and come up with some great stuff. The stations build upon themselves, adding similar artists etc, so I think you could find a nice variety. Here is the result of my search.

  3. deeplygreen Says:

    I also searched “Indian” and came up with a station devoted to music from India.

  4. chelle Says:

    Cool … I really should be tuning into radio stations …. Instead I get stuck listening to my ipod to the same old tunes over again.

  5. i would always love to hear those christmas music with a very happy tune “:

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